A photo of the grand arche at La Defense Paris at dusk with reflective pool in front


1500 businesses

A vibrant community

La Défense spans 564 hectares with 180,000 workers coming in daily
It is Europe’s largest business district and economic powerhouse. Unrivalled as an exciting and evolving urban space that is glued together by striking architecture, art, and ambition

1500 businesses

Feel inspired and re-connect at one of the many tranquil areas dotted around La Défense

Relieve the pressures of work and take your lunch to the eco garden or unwind by the large waterfall at Park Diderot. La Défense has all the answers to your busy day.

and 18cafes

There is no shortage of places to dine in La Défense.

With 125 restaurants and 18 food trucks, from Michelin-starred restaurants to fresh sushi, patisseries to tapas-style dining, there is something for all tastes.

Europe’s largest
open air gallery

La Défense is one of the largest open-air museums in France, featuring 69 substantial pieces of art by great modern and contemporary artists, this incredible collection attracts 8,000,000 tourists a year. These magnificent sculptures animate the square, from Caesar Baldaccini’s The Thumb (2004) and Philoloas Tloupas’ The Mechanical Bird (1972), to Joan Miro’s colour-fest Fantasy Figures (1978).


stores and boutiques

Stroll through the CNIT or Le Quatre Temps for all your shopping needs.

La Défense provides several opportunities to reconnect with the self as well as break a sweat.

The winding miles of green walkways and trails are perfect for meditation or a lunchtime jog. There are also several fitness studios and gyms within reach.

For more of challenge, Blocbuster invites its members to try their hand at rock climbing, followed by some time in the sauna to detox.

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